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That is one big band! How did they get here?!

By Angie Roberts Harris

Watching grand parades on television such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rose Parade, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, and Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade is a tradition in our home. While the incredible bands march and perform, my thoughts run wild as I wonder how these large band groups of 400 + travel across the country to the various parade sites.

Buses can be cramped and chaotic!

The Bus 

A bus holds approximately forty-one people. A group of 400 band members, along with chaperones and band directors, would require about eleven buses with an average travel time of two days. How many drivers would such a trip require and does the school provide them? I can imagine the craziness of the entire travel group getting on and off the buses for pit stops at McDonalds, bathroom breaks, food, and the usual high jinks. Not to mention the thought of arranging hotel accommodations and unloading suit cases.

A quicker trip and room to move

Flying High

Without a doubt, flying is the best option! However, I have personally booked flights for my family of sixteen and it is not an easy task. The arrangements take hours and when finally finished, I hope there are not any changes…oh my. The thought of booking 400 students is inconceivable.

The Air Travel Group makes traveling in numbers simple and stress-free

Stress Reducer

The Air Travel Group is a professional business that exclusively arranges and books airline reservations for groups of ten and up. Family reunions and vacations, sports teams, performance groups, etc. Their air experts will take away the stress and do all the work!

Air Travel Group experts know how to get the best fares and flights for your group


The trained airline experts of the Air Travel Group can find the perfect flight for your group. Their team consists of employees who have worked in the airline industry and understand the reservation process. They work with every airline and will negotiate your group price and find the best itinerary to suit your needs.

Fast and efficient! The Air Travel Group will respond to your request within 24 hours


Once you contact The Air Travel Group, they will respond within 24 hours. Deposits are required at booking with final payment 35 days prior to travel date. The final list of passengers is due seven days before the flight(s).

Proud member of the Student Youth Travel Association


Group Travel Odyssey partners with The Air Travel Group to ensure the highest quality flight experience. Both companies are active members of many trusted travel associations including the Student Youth Travel Association and the American Bus Association.

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