Click, Pack and GO with GTO

Anyone who travels knows that convenience and simplicity are the keys to pulling together a great trip. Of course, we’ve all seen the commercials for websites promising just that. These sites are great for individual travelers, but don’t necessarily understand the unique and specific needs of group travelers.

Group Travel Odyssey (GTO) is a FREE travel planning website designed exclusively for teachers, tour operators and others who plan group travel. GTO puts the best attractions, accommodations, dining, shopping and transportation in top destinations in one place! It’s a one stop shop when requesting group pricing for student groups, sports groups, homeschool, faith-based travelers, or any other groups.

Group Travel Odyssey is thrilled to announce that it has launched a new, stream-lined version of the group travel platform, making planning group travel easier than ever! Check out these time-saving features:

Quote Requests
Group Travel Odyssey knows what groups like! The best group-friendly suppliers in each partner destination are gathered in one convenient place. Simply click to request quotes directly from the supplier.

Make sure your itinerary makes sense by using the new map feature on GTO. Click on the places you want to include in your quote requests, and your clicks will appear on the map so you’ll always know proximity and location!

Group Travel Odyssey is a trusted provider of homeschool travel. Travel is the ultimate educational tool in the homeschooler’s toolbox, and GTO has created exceptional trips that meet a variety of curricular needs.

Performance Events
Group Travel Odyssey has developed a series of sensational performance events for 2018. Dance studios, show choirs and drama clubs will love these amazing performance opportunities at incredible venues.

If you are looking for travel tips, check out Rhoda Venture’s weekly blog on GTO (yes, this is a shameless plug!) You’ll find lots of great travel ideas and group-friendly destinations shared specifically with group travelers.

While other sites exist that offer similar group travel planning services, Group Travel Odyssey is the only one that FREE to travel planners. It is quick, easy and worth the CLICK!  Plan your group’s next adventure with GTO!