The Homeschool Odyssey Series

We provide all the perks of traveling as a group while giving you the ability of making your own memories at your own pace!

We know travel is a significant part of the Homeschool education process. We are the first to recognize your needs. Help us to create experiences to support your work and provide opportunities to connect curriculum to reality!


You will learn and have fun with your peers, family and educators.


Educational travel opportunities in incredible tourism locations.


We support non-traditional education through unique programs.

Homeschool Group Travel Experiences

Trips for the family:

Group Travel Odyssey provides a world-class learning experience for homeschool families.  Our unique packages bring curriculum to life in new and unexpected ways in outstanding, family-friendly destinations.  Explore and learn at an exclusive homeschool rate!


Homeschool Week


September 10–16, 2017

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Traveling Classroom

October 6–13, 2018

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Homeschool Week

Coastal Virginia

October 15–22, 2017

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Homeschool Week


November 7–18, 2017

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Homeschool Week

Myrtle Beach

April 8–21, 2018

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Homeschool Week


May 6–19, 2018

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Trinity University conducted a study on the reasons families choose to homeschool. The research indicates that parents want the following for their children: control over their education, nurturing their talents, and exposing them to educational vacations.

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