Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Journey back to medieval times when you breach the castle walls

Storming the Castle Gates

By Angie Roberts Harris

The castle is incredible! I was stunned by the magnitude and reality of the castle and surrounding grounds. My family arrived an hour early to find a crowd of people already storming the castle gates. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is the #1 dinner attraction in North America.

Inside the Castle

Browse the market fares, take part in a knighting ceremony or quench your thirst with a frosty ale

The castle doors open for dinner seventy-five minutes before show time. Arrive early as seating is on a first come, first serve basis. Once inside the ‘Hall of Arms’, check out the intriguing artifacts, visit the amazing gift shop, walk through the medieval torture museum, grab a refreshing drink at the bar, do a jig on the dance floor, and witness a knighting ceremony.

Call of the Trumpets

At the sound of the trumpets in the great hall, all the Lords and Ladies are gathered together to enter the banquet hall for the grand feast! Serfs and wenches lead honored guests to their tables and begin the evening with a drink of stout brew or Pepsi. Make sure to wash your hands before entering because true to medieval fashion, they are your dinner utensils.

Even the heartiest appetite will be satisfied with this feast fit for a king!

The Royal Feast

The royal feasts begins with delicious tomato bisque soup and garlic bread before the main course of roasted chicken, corn on the cob, herb-basted potatoes, and a soft flaky apple turnover for dessert. Our excellent wench kept the Pepsi flowing throughout the evening.


It’s time to cheer on your favorite knight (and maybe gain his favor in return!)

Let the Games Begin

The suspense builds as the tournament commences. The king and other royal family members attend and sit high on their thrones to watch the knights compete. The banquet hall is divided into six colors, representing different cities within the kingdom.

The crowd roars as blades clash and wood splinters during non-stop arena action

We were seated in the red knight section and of course, he was awesome and won the battle! Out of the many categories in the competition, jousting was my favorite. The snap of the stick and flying splinters were very realistic and I was afraid that somebody was going to lose more than an eye with that big stick!


These noble knights battle for honor and king while the crowd cheers them to victory!

In addition to the tournament, there are demonstrations of stunning horsemanship, a falcon exhibit, and sword fighting. Flying sparks and loud noise fill the banquet hall at the clash of the great swords. Awesome!

Oh what a knight!

Medieval Times Dinner &Tournament was highly entertaining with excellent customer service, and I certainly left very full and smiling! The nine castles are located in Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; Lyndhurst, New Jersey; Buena Park, California; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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