Kaleidoscope of Voices

I have always admired those who can sing. Heck, I’ve always admired those who can carry a tune! I count myself among the many who aspire to sing and always proudly join my church cantata each Christmas season. Thankfully, there are enough choir members to muffle my off-key efforts to make a joyful noise! If […]

White House - Washington, DC

Washington D.C.- A Civics Lesson in Action

Teachers, homeschool co-ops, scout groups, history buffs… lend me your ears! If you are trying to inspire, educate or simply love this wonderful nation, consider planning a trip to its capital. There’s no better civics lesson than a trip to Washington D.C. Of course, there are the attractions with which most people are familiar; a […]

Tennessee/Smoky Mountains

5 MORE Awesome Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains

If the first five attractions don’t keep me busy enough when I finally get to the Smokies, these next five certainly will! Here are five more awesome things to do with your group or on your own when visiting the Smoky Mountains… FAMILY FUN On the must-do list is Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Voted […]

5 Awesome Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains

Full disclosure… much to my regret and dismay, I have never visited the Smoky Mountains. My husband has been there (many times), my family has been there and my travel industry colleagues have been there.  My kids’ friends have been there and several high school traveling groups I know have been there. I guess the […]

Kaleidoscope of Dance in Branson

This past weekend I took my daughter to the local “dancer’s closet” for our annual gouging… I mean shopping trip… in preparation for dance season. While she enjoys dancing and looks forward to getting back to class, I find myself appreciating her interest on a “recreational” level. In other words, I can still afford to […]

The Candlelight Processional

Those who know me know I have a special affinity for two things (husband and children excluded, of course!) – Christmas and Walt Disney World ®Resort! The anticipation and excitement that precedes each is something I’d like to capture in a bottle and sprinkle out all year long! It’s a singular sense of joy and […]

Make Way for Students

The first time I visited Boston, I was fresh out of college and working for a non-profit. I directed a program in conjunction with public school librarians and had the opportunity to travel with them throughout the country. I distinctly remember leading the way through the Boston Public Gardens as a naïve, bright-eyed 22-year old, […]


I dare you to finish the title without humming just a little! This iconic ditty by Glenn Miller, which was the #1 song in America in December 1941, inspires nostalgia and yearning for a simpler time. Complete with train sounds and a whistle, the lyrics promise to transport the singer home to Tennessee and his […]

Hawaii’s Traveling Classroom

  A warm island breeze is blowing, the heady perfume of gardenias gently tickling my nose. The sounds of a ukulele fill the air as a beautiful sarong-clad woman drapes my neck with lush tropical flowers… “MOM! I HAVE TO FIND A BATHROOM!!” Wait, what? Something is interrupting my fantasy. Oh yes, now I remember. […]

All the World’s A Stage-Kaleidoscope of Theatrics

Life is full of adventure and opportunities to shine! There are those among us who have figured out how to combine the two (brilliantly!). On a recent island cruise with my family, I thoroughly enjoyed watching my children navigate new waters and explore cultures so different than their own. However, the experience of watching them […]

Coastal VA Blog Featured Image

An Adventure in American History

Bright sunshine, warm sand and the relaxing sounds of the ocean… that’s my idea of a perfect vacation. Roadside markers, historical sites and guided tours… that’s my husband’s idea of a perfect vacation! Fortunately, our visit to Coastal Virginia met the mark for both of us (the kids had a fabulous time, too!). If you […]

Group Travel Planning – Safety When Traveling with Students

When my oldest child left for his first week of sleep-away camp, I worried. I worried that he wouldn’t eat well, that he would get a sunburn or be sick, or that he wouldn’t change his underwear (turns out that I had good reason to worry about that!) As parents, we worry incessantly when our […]

Tennessee/Smoky Mountains/Pigeon Forge

Group Travel Planning- Tips and Tricks to Make It Easy! Finding Stuff To Do

As I have previously stated, my family has a deep and abounding love for venturing into the unknown! Our 10 year old daughter begins with the globe (even though most our travel is in the continental U.S. sigh…) and works her way through maps, atlases and the weather channel to plan her wardrobe. Our son […]

Group Travel Planning – Set Your Travel Timeline

I have the good fortune to be married to a man who LOVES to travel. He has given me two children who LOVE to travel. It seems we are in a perpetual state of planning travel! We learned long ago that the key to a successful trip is planning on a timeline. The same applies […]

Group Travel Planning: Choosing Your Destination

You’re on a roll now! You have a solid purpose for traveling with your group and know exactly when you want to go; now you need to pinpoint WHERE you want to go! Choose Your Destination It’s easy to fall into the routine of “going where you know” when traveling. It’s comfortable, familiar and, well, […]

Group Travel Planning: Identify the Purpose, When to Travel and Planning Resource

When I was 13, our church youth group decided to take a trip to Cape May, NJ. We thought it would be a great bonding experience and great fun, since most of us hadn’t yet traveled beyond the borders of our small town. This was, of course, long before the days of the internet and […]

Have A Blast in Branson

Last summer, our family was planning a series of quick jaunts. We wanted to jump in the car and spend a few days somewhere we’d never been! As we tossed around ideas, my husband suggested Branson, Missouri. I snickered a little, remembering the Branson trips Great Uncle Frank and Aunt Ruth had taken to hear […]

Madame Tussauds Hollywood through Group Travel Odyssey

Madame Tussauds

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