Our Team

Our team has the industry know how to make your GTO experience top notch.  We have an active help desk and a constantly evolving network of professionals ready to assist if you need us.

We are a travel and tourism community – we welcome your feedback and encourage you to play an active role in our growth and development.

Keith Snode- Navigator



Keith is a high-energy COO with a passion for travel.  He brings insight from his years as a tour operator, supplier, loan officer, and sales and marketing executive to lead the GTO team.  He is focused on brand strategy and product development, making GTO the most intuitive software in the travel industry.

Jim Deliman- Community Architect



Jim adds more than 30 years of travel and tourism sales know-how to the growing GTO/GE team.  He plays a key role in helping clients understand how our products can simplify their operations.

Jo-Ann Moltz- Community Architect



Jo-Ann’s 20+ years of experience in multiple tourism and hospitality roles gives her the unique ability to speak both operator and supplier.  Her vibrant, can-do attitude is a win for the GTO/GE team and clients.

Steven Gross- Community Architect/ Narrator



A lifelong student of travel with a professional background in group tour planning, Stevie crafts helpful, user-friendly content to navigate the GTO system.

Kory Vrieze- Network Engineer



Kory draws on more than 20 years as an educator, administrator, and technology guru to direct the development of the GTO system.  He works tirelessly to create a product and process that meet the needs of customers across the globe.

Kristina Lueth- Commerce Counsel



Kristina lends her extensive background in accounting and data application management to the GTO team, ensuring a seamless and high quality user experience.

Seaira Jeanin Group Travel Odyssey

Seaira Jeannin- Accuracy Guru



Seaira is leveraging 10+ years of expertise in the student and adult tour markets to make her a key player in GTO’s essential operations.