3 Reasons Why Managing Your Supplier Data Stinks

In the travel and hospitality world, managing mass volumes of vendor and client information is a necessary evil that cuts into the time you could spend growing your business.  Managing your supplier data stinks – and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. As a group travel planner, there’s nothing more frustrating than keeping track of suppliers. Prices fluctuate, staff turnover is high, and product offerings change with the wind.
  2. On the supplier side, you are tasked with connecting with as many potential users as possible. How often do you spend your time at trade shows answering the same mundane questions (“What time is the 8:00 show?”) and products rather than cultivating new relationships?
  3. As a travel planner OR supplier, you waste a LOT of valuable operations time making sure your CRM information is current. It’s a vicious cycle of inputting and updating.

Managing your supplier data STINKS…. unless you have the right partner to help make it easier!

managing supplier data stinks

Group Travel Odyssey (GTO) has your back!

GTO is a comprehensive, group tour building system that uses apps and integrations for salesoperationsmarketing, and passenger management. It includes the online registration and payment platform options today’s traveler wants.

GTO’s cornerstone feature is a hosted supplier database. Accuracy gurus maintain and update the most current pricing and products for the suppliers you use most.  It effectively eliminates the hassle of managing supplier data by doing the work FOR you!

How Does GTO Help Group Travel Planners?

GTO’s Supplier Management app puts the most current supplier pricing and information at your fingertips.

There’s no need to wade through outdated intel or spend time on the phone searching for this year’s pricing as you plan your group trips.

Managing supplier data stinks

What if I Have My Own Special Pricing with a Supplier?

Great!  The Supplier Management app can accommodate your proprietary pricing arrangement in the system as well.  Thanks to GTO’s three levels of security, only you can see and access your unique agreement.

Can I Find New Suppliers in the App?

Absolutely!  As a user, you are now part of the GTO community with access to a full range of suppliers and services.  If you’re planning to grow your business or try new destinations, you can significantly reduce the time you spend on research simply by accessing GTO’s vast network.

How Does GTO Help Suppliers?

As a supplier on GTO’s Supplier Management app, you are also part of the GTO community of users.  Users find YOU, rather than you constantly trying to connect with them via a barrage of emails and phone calls.

Your current products and pricing are already in the GTO system and conveniently accessible to group travel planning.

Managing supplier data

How Does GTO Procure This Information?

GTO has a team of accuracy gurus on staff who maintain and update current supplier information in the Supplier Management app.

Oh – and did we mention? It’s free for suppliers register in GTO!

What About My Business Relationships?

Nothing can take the place of the relationships you have built over time.  These bonds are the bread and butter of travel and hospitality.  GTO’s Supplier Management app doesn’t replace them, but rather creates an opportunity to grow or enhance them.

Less time spent on operations = more time spent building personal connections.  It’s really that simple!

Managing Your Supplier Data Really Does Stink….

…until you learn how GTO’s Supplier Management app can make it so much better!  Find out more about what GTO can do for your group travel planning business.


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