5 Things We’ve Learned About Disney’s Lost and Found

When our son was four years old, he took his favorite stuffed “pup” to Walt Disney World.  Pup was a great comfort on the plane ride there. He tagged along at every park and was in the crowd for every parade.

Disney's Lost and Found

However, Pup did not survive the chaotic flurry of activity as we checked out of our room at the Contemporary – which of course we didn’t find out until boarding our flight home. Fortunately, our friends at Disney found Pup among the twisted sheets. Before we knew it, Pup arrived at our home via special delivery, and tragedy (and a meltdown) was averted.

Whether it’s a wallet, a phone, or a cherished stuffed buddy, losing something while visiting our favorite mouse is sure to put a damper on the magic. But we have the inside scoop on what you need to know to get it back! Here are 5 things we’ve learned about Disney’s Lost and Found.

1. People Lose Some Weird Stuff!

Since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, they’ve collected more than 1.65 million pairs of sunglasses!  An average of 210 pairs are turned in every day at the Magic Kingdom alone – making them the #1 misplaced item.

5 things we've learned about Disney's lost and found

Each year, cast members gather roughly 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 7,500 autograph books, and 18,000 hats.  That’s enough to outfit every resident of the country Monaco.

Other unique items that have turned up in the Lost and Found include a prosthetic leg, a potty trainer, a full-sized color TV, and a glass eye!

2. Items in Lost and Found Have a Short Shelf Life

Disney processes up to 400-500 lost items each day (which can double during the peak season.) Items are sorted by type, color, style, and date. The sheer volume and variety of recovered articles take up a lot of shelf space and limit how long they are held.

According to Disney’s website, items that are of higher value such as cameras, phones, jewelry, etc., are held for 90 days. Items that are of lesser value, such as sunglasses, toys, shirts, etc., are held for 7 days on-site.

3. Always Check with a Cast Member and Guest Relations FIRST

If you realize you’ve lost something right away, double back to the ride or location where you last had it. Cast members and other conscientious guests will often scoop up items and hold them there for a short time.

If you’ve checked with a cast member and still can’t find your missing item, head to Guest Relations. Most items are housed here until the park closes for the day.  Give a detailed description of your misplaced article, including any identifying marks.

Guest Relations are in every park. Here’s a helpful guide to find them quickly!

Disney Guest Relations Locations


If you don’t claim your items at Guest Relations by the time the park closes, they move to Disney’s Lost and Found.

4. It’s Super Simple to File a Claim for Lost Items – Here’s How

Walt Disney World® Resort uses a simple online platform called Chargerback to help track missing items. If you’ve lost something anywhere on Disney property, including parks, transportation, hotels, Disney Springs, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, you can file a claim.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Disney’s Lost and Found page
  2. Answer a short series of questions about your missing property
  3. Check your email for a notification with your Lost Item claim number
  4. The Disney team will continue to look for your item and provide an update via email within 48 hours

If you can pick up your missing property, you’ll choose the option to “hold for pick-up.” You’ll then get an email with pick-up instructions.

If you can’t pick up your item, you’ll choose “return to me,” followed by an email with instructions for shipping.

That’s all there is to it!

5. Lost Items can be “Found” at Disney Springs®

You can find your lost items at the Lost and Found Pick-Up at the Disney Springs Town Center Storage House.  The Town Center is located near Gate 1 of the Transportation Bus Stop.

Items will be available at the pick-up point here for 7 days. Once you have your items safely in your possession, you can enjoy all that Disney Springs has to offer!

5 Things We’ve Learned About Disney’s Lost and Found

Disney has a great track record of success in helping locate lost valuables.  However, sometimes even Disney can’t recover your missing property.

Pro Tip: If all else fails in your quest, try social media.  Search the many online Disney lost and found pages to post your item – you never know who might see it!

5 things we've learned about Disney's lost and found

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