Make your Group Trips Memorable with Thoughtful Touches

As a group tour operator, repeat business is your bread and butter.  Happy travelers will sign up again and again if they love how you run a trip.  Make your group trips memorable with thoughtful touches they won’t forget!

Start with Simple Registration and Payment

Travelers want convenience, so give them what they want with a simple, online registration and payment system.

When you use an online platform, you can quickly track payments, offer travel protection, or add a little extra swag to your trip.  Your customers will love how easy it is to register and pay without the outdated hassle of writing checks.

If you only run a few trips a year or don’t have the means to set up your own payment and registration portal, partner with a company like Group Travel Odyssey.  You can build a trip and collect registrations and payments through their system.

Added bonus – you get a wider audience for your trip!


 Host A Virtual Pre-Trip Tour Party

Once your peeps are signed up and ready to go, host a virtual pre-trip tour party.  Give them a taste of the attractions and activities they’ll experience on the tour. Encourage them to try some local flavors or beverages at home by sharing recipes for your viewing party.  A virtual tour is an awesome way to spark enthusiasm for your trip.

Here’s a great example of a virtual sneak peek…

Customize Itineraries

Let’s face it.  A group trip isn’t designed to be “custom.”  But there are ways to make it a more personalized experience by adding options.

make your group trip memorable

If you’re planning a trip to a theme park, add an option for an education session.  If you’re taking in a show, offer a backstage tour.  Think about including a cooking class that highlights the local cuisine.  Maybe it’s as simple as adding a multiple activities package for travelers who don’t want downtime.

There are many ways to “customize” and your group trips to make them unforgettable adventures!

5 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Travel Tribe

make your group trip memorable

Use A Photo Sharing Site

Everyone imagines themselves to be a professional photographer when they travel.  At the very least, we all love a good selfie!  Use a great photo-sharing platform like Amazon Photos or Yogile to exchange photos on the go.  Each member of the group can enjoy spectacular shots during the journey while getting to know each other better.

Once the trip is over, use the photos to create a movie of the trip.

How to Make A Travel Video with Music

It’s All About the Details

Making a group trip memorable is all about the details.  A travel tribe doesn’t necessarily lend itself to made-to-order experiences.  However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about personal touches.

  • You may not have a champagne budget, but you can probably offer a free drink or bottled water for an excursion. Perhaps you can give each guest a light snack (think cookies, chips, etc.) for the bus ride.
  • Consider including a health and wellness kit for each traveler. Include hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, sunscreen, and some travel Tylenol.
  • If someone is celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, deliver a handwritten note of congratulations and a flower or a box of chocolates. Treat the guest of honor to a complimentary dessert or glass of wine.
  • Maybe there’s an opportunity to meet the chef at the restaurant where you’ll be dining or taste a bit of local cuisine.
  • You can even share some tips, history, or unique destination trivia as part of a group game!

Make Your Group Trips Memorable with Thoughtful Touches

Making your group trips memorable doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – just a little time and creativity.  When each traveler feels like a rock star, you can bet that s/he will want to repeat the experience!


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Updated August 2023

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