Spotlight Your Group Travel Expertise as a GTO Beacon Blogger

As an industry, we have countless years of combined experience, expertise, and stories worth sharing.  GTO invites you to get the dialogue going when you become a GTO Beacon Blogger.

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What is a Beacon Blogger?

A Beacon Blogger is someone other than our own content writer who has information or expertise that is helpful to the industry at large.  The ‘guest blogger’ then writes an article (or post) that will be posted on the GTO blog page.

What do I write about?

The spotlight is yours!  Share your area of industry expertise, the latest travel trends, a “how to” guide, or a great group destination.  A good rule of thumb is to write about industry topics that interest you or can benefit others.

Click the link below for examples of current blog content.

Beacon Blogger

While we encourage our partners to link to their own sites, this is NOT an advertisement for your business.  It’s an opportunity to share your hard-earned knowledge with others in a helpful and easy-to-read format.

Why would I want to write?

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Establish yourself or your company as an industry leader
  • Boost your organization’s SEO

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beacon blogger

Where will it appear?

Beacon Blogger articles will post on the GTO website’s blog page and social media.  Additionally, we will share a link to the post in the GTO Weekly Update that goes out to every member of the GTO community.

How do I submit it?

It’s easy to post a guest blog on the GTO site.  Directions for submitting are on the GTO blog page.

Join the GTO community as a Beacon Blogger  

Spotlight your group travel planning expertise and join the GTO community as a Beacon Blogger.  It’s a simple and efficient way to increase visibility and connect with the travel industry.

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