The Secret to Growing Your Group Travel Business is…

Generation S!

If you didn’t already know, the market for group travel is HOT!  And right in the middle of the group travel trend is Generation S.  That’s right… there’s a generation wedged between Millennials and Gen Z.  And they’re the secret to growing your group travel business!

Gen S

Who is Generation S?

Generation S (sharing and services) is coming into the workforce with a cloud of information always at their fingertips.  These 23 -30 (ish) olds were raised on sharing platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. They almost exclusively use service sites like Uber, Door Dash, and Google maps.

Generation S overlaps both Gen Z and Millennials in age.  What sets them apart is their capacity to live almost completely in a digital world – and they think about travel the same way.

What Do They Want When They Travel?

Exclusive and Authentic Experiences

Generation S wants life-changing, transformative travel experiences.  No pressure.  But seriously, that’s one of the reasons they love to travel!

With 23 -30 somethings, it’s all about unique and unusual destinations or trips.  Think about high adventure, tucked-away spaces, or local flavors.  If your travelers can take a selfie or capture a moment for Insta, you’ve checked some big boxes.

solo traveler

Boutique but Bourgie

Boutique travel is tailored for small groups.  It highlights specialized goods and services, unique or private experiences, and luxurious accommodations.

The trick is to offer boutique on a budget!  Think hotels with a little flair, guided tours, or special touches that make your trip worthy of a social media shout-out.

Make Your Group Trips Memorable with Thoughtful Touches

Fast and Flexible

The under 30 crowd is used to a quick turnaround.  A digital concierge answers questions instantly, packages are ordered and delivered the same day, and lifestyle suggestions pop up hourly in their social feeds.

They can change their minds on a dime and expect their travels to keep pace.  So – plan trips that are flexible, fast-paced and FUN!  Give them lots of options, multiple travel dates, and cancellation policies that accommodate last-minute changes.

The Secret to Growing Your Group Travel Business – Marketing to the Digital Generation

Book Online

If you want to capture this elusive digital generation, you must have an online registration and payment platform.  Notice I said MUST.  It’s a non-negotiable.

Generations S, Z, and most Millennials have probably never written a check.  They aren’t going to drop one in the mail to you to hold their spots on your trip.  If you can’t afford to invest in your own payment portal, try partnering with a company like Group Travel Odyssey.

For a very reasonable rate, you can post your trip, collect registrations, and take payments online.

Find Out How Group Travel Odyssey Can Help Your Travel Business


Branding is Big

In the”newly adulting” world, branding is big.  Branding is the process of establishing yourself as an industry expert while increasing awareness for your product.

One of the best ways to brand is to improve your online presence.  Get connected on social media, promote your trip on a dedicated travel platform, network, and always ask for reviews.

growing your group travel business

Be Authentic

This age group can smell a sales pitch from a mile away!  Keep your marketing authentic and interesting.  Tap into your current travelers and have them share their adventures by posting photos to a unique hashtag.

Or share your own personal story and passion for travel.  Your distinct personality and brand will resonate with Gen S and ultimately sell the trip!

Track the Trends

This group of 20 and 30 somethings are all about the hottest trends.  For example, they might take their travel cues from the latest shows they’re binging (Outlander, anyone?) or even TikTok.

Stay ahead of the curve as much as possible and plan your marketing accordingly.

9 Easy Ways to Market Group Travel

The Secret to Growing Your Group Travel Business?

Generation S is out there searching, sharing… and spending big on travel!  They are truly the secret to growing your group business.  It’s time to cash in on these digital dynamos and claim your group market share!

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