Destination Management Company Package

Group Travel Odyssey provides a unique way for Destination Management Companies to connect with tour operators and independent group travel planners.  Your sample itineraries can instantly turn into a booked trip with one click making it easier for your buyers.  You and your supplier members will be thrilled with the trackable results!

Connect your sample itineraries to the metrics you need

Your package includes the ability to upload 15 sample itineraries* from your destination.  All you have to do is send your itineraries to Group Travel Odyssey and we will do the rest.  The tour operator and independent group tour planners will be able to search your itineraries by length, focus (culinary, education, music, etc.), and price range.  Once they find the itinerary they need, members can select it, copy it to their group including the related pricing, and book the trip…all from the sample you send us!  Best of all you are able to see how many times an itinerary has been used and track the revenue and number of passengers each itinerary generated for your destination.

Benefits for you and your supplier members

  • Revenue, passenger, and usage reporting by member
  • Group revenue statistics to the destination by supplier type (attraction, restaurant, hotel, etc.)
  • Continually updated supplier data
  • Access to weekly Coach & Go training and system updates
  • Access to weekly Destination Dispatch episodes
  • Participation in destination showcase visits*

Group marketing benefits to add more value

  • Destination overview and photos on proposals and itineraries
  • Sample itineraries available for viewing on the Group Experience website
  • Participation in Coach & Go (once per year)
  • Participation in Destination Dispatch (once per year)
  • Access to the GTO Discussion Forum App
  • Ability to post system-wide announcements (four times per year)
  • Participation in the GTO referral program
  • Sponsor a destination showcase visit*
  • Participation in a trade show GTO is attending*

*upgrades available at additional cost/in-kind sponsorship

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