Group Tour Suppliers

Group Travel Odyssey provides suppliers with an free, easy-to-use way to access buyers from all facets of the group travel community in one convenient location.  The information suppliers provide goes directly to the group travel sales and operations people that need it.

Real Business Without Boundaries – access anywhere, anytime

Our online supplier portal allows you to easily enter your group travel offerings (including photos and detailed product descriptions) and update them when needed.   The GTO accuracy gurus provide weekday support to ensure your information is available and accessible to all tour operators and independent group tour planners.


Additional benefits to improve your group tour game

  • Product descriptions on .pdf proposals
  • Photos and product descriptions on all web proposals
  • WeTravel Supplier Portal (additional fees may apply)
  • Full currency conversion available at product and package levels
  • Weekday technical support and virtual training
  • Participation in the GTO referral program
  • Coach & Go training and system updates*
  • GT Radio episodes*

Options to enhance your experience

  • Participate in Coach & Go*
  • Participate in GTRadio*
  • Post a system-wide announcement to all our members*
  • Banner ad on Group Experience*
  • Revenue, passenger, and quote reporting*
  • Participate in a destination showcase visit*
  • Participate in a trade show GTO is attending*

*upgrades available at an additional cost/in-kind sponsorship

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