Independent Group Travel Planner Package

When you are running a travel business by yourself it is good to have someone in your corner!  Group Travel Odyssey provides you all the tools you need to keep your business growing while you are at home, on the road, or relaxing on the beach.  We have all the tools in one place to make your life easy!

Applications to manage the whole tour planning process

  • Marketing
  • Help Desk
  • Supplier Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Trip Manager
  • Group Accounting
  • On the Go Tour Director Manager
  • Passenger Manager
  • Airline Manager
  • GTO Community Forum (coming 1st quarter 2022)


Integrations that make work more efficient

  • WeTravel
  • Ability to sell on Group Experience
  • Broadway Inbound
  • Travel Advocates
  • Fly My Group (coming 1st quarter 2022)
  • CVB/DMO Itinerary Curator (coming December 2021)
  • Microsoft Outlook (license required)
  • Gmail
  • Exact Forms Plus
  • Qwilr (coming 2nd quarter 2022)

Training & Support to speed your growth

  • Weekday technical support
  • Unlimited virtual training
  • Tourism Academy access*
  • Continually updated supplier data
  • Weekly Coach & Go training and updates
  • Weekly Destination Dispatch episodes
  • GTO Community Business Forum (coming 2nd quarter 2022)

Data & System Management that keep you current

  • Customer data review and initial upload
  • Supplier data review
  • Reporting (basic reporting + 3 custom reports per year)*
  • Continual system improvements and upgrades
  • Data management and maintenance guidance
  • Initial process review and training
  • Regularly scheduled data backup

*upgrades available at additional cost

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