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February 8, 2022

Today is Safer Internet Day – February 8, 2022

Get your modems going, because February 8 is Safer Internet Day! These days you can do almost anything on the Internet. You can play games, connect with friends, purchase that new outfit you didn’t think you needed but now know you do. It’s an extraordinary feeling to have an infinite amount of access to information and entertainment at your fingertips. The world wide web has come a long way from the Yahoo Geocities and the “You’ve Got Mail” of yesteryear. On February 8 we acknowledge these vast developments and the difficulties that may come with these changes by observing Safer Internet Day.

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Upcoming Events:

GTO Coach and Go! Thursday, February 10 at 1:00 EST – Join Jim and Kristina as they discuss Enhanced Rooming List Creation for Group Leaders.  Join live on YouTube or LinkedIn

Beginning next week, GTO Coach and Go! moves to Tuesday at 2:00pm EST. Please mark your calendars for this change. 


Check out the Business Class podcast from The Tourism Academy sponsored by GTO

The Business Class podcast is where you go to meet people who have built fulfilling careers. People with successful businesses. People who create sustainable local economies in tourism!

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GTO System Updates

Please check out our Coach and Go from last Thursday where we went through updates on the cost sheet, long form proposal language, and a new way to put in help desk requests.

Supplier Updates

United States


Multiple Locations


Fun Spot America (all locations) will change their 2022 pricing effect June 1, 2022.  All pricings now up to date in GTO




Dolby Theatre Tour (Formerly Kodak) pricing for guided tours is now valid through June 1, 2022


Red Line Tours LLC 2022 pricing has been updated




The Point DC has a tour group lunch menu for 2022. Pricing now available. Not offering dinner for groups at this time.


Nick’s Riverside Grill 2022 pricing and menus now available


Tony & Joe’s Seafood Place 2022 pricing and menus now available




Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Orlando 2022 pricing has been updated.  They are now offering breakfast entertainment packages as well.




Mackinac Island Carriage Tours 2022 seasonal rates now available


Ryba’s Bicycle Rentals 2022 seasonal rates now available




Science Museum of Minnesota student group pricing 2022 now available


New York


Bike Rent NYC Group/FIT Rates now available in GTO


One World Observatory increased Tour & Travel 2022 pricing. Affected proposals have been notified and updated pricing now available.


Choir performances at the Empire State Building are back! Updated tour operator pricing now available through March 31, 2023. Performance applications will still be through Peak Performance Tours.



South Carolina


Charleston Tours & Events 2022 pricing now available


Hopsewee Plantation 2022 products and pricing updated




Shoney’s of Knoxville (Parent Company) has 18 Shoney’s location in East TN. All are now available with 2022 pricing.


The Museum of Appalachia – A Living Museum has been added to GTO with their 2022 tour operator rates




Six Flags Over Texas – group pricing for groups 10-99 are available through June 5, 2022. Ticket pricing variable depending on day, so make sure to read full price descriptions in GTO to choose the correct ticket pricing, or visit their calendar on their groups website




Jenny Lake Boating 2022 pricing now available







Canadian Railroad Historical Association (Exporail) pricing now available through March 2023

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