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October 18, 2022

National Alaska Day

The largest state to join the U.S. – and its last frontier to boot – is it any wonder we have a special day to celebrate this amazing place?

Happy National Alaska Day!

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Fast Break

Time Out!! It’s a Fast Break day – a brief, bi-weekly segment highlighting a system update or feature. Helpful Fast Break features will post as a link in your community forum.

Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch – Thursday, October 20th at 2:00 EST 

The DD team is California dreamin’ this week with Ozzie Otero from Explore Santa Monica.  Ozzie will share all the hot spots and highlights for your group.

Live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Coach & Go

GTO Coach and Go – Tuesday, October 25th at 2:00 EST

Live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Office Hours

We are excited to bring you to Office Hours – a resource designed to help you work easily and efficiently in the GTO system!

Each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Support Helmsman Taylor Coffman will be available to discuss and troubleshoot any challenges you may be having with the system and get you on the fast track to solutions.

Contact Taylor (  to find out when you can schedule your office hours.

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We have an easy way for you to submit a Help Desk request!  Just send an email to and BE SURE TO PUT THE WORD HELP IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  This will automatically create a ticket and will email you updates as your ticket is being worked on.

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Supplier Updates

There’s a new way to get the latest supplier updates.  GTO community members can simply click the link below for the most current products and pricing.

Most Recent Supplier Updates

Industry News

Senator Wants Travelers to Complain to FAA About Smaller Airplane Seats

How the Air Travel Industry is Preparing for the Holiday Season


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