3 Powerful Reasons to Use a Group Booking Partner

Planning a group trip is always an adventure (pun intended!)  If you’re heading to a new destination, or even back to an old favorite, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.  That’s especially true these days.  Hotels you’ve always used may have closed their doors, or your go-to contact is no longer there.  Don’t stress or add to your workload – use a group booking partner!

What is a Group Booking Partner?

Group booking partners like BookMyGroup or Travel Advocates are hotel specialists and your partners in travel.  Their services include finding and securing group accommodations that meet your group’s unique needs.

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3 Powerful Reasons to Use a Group Booking Partner

If you’ve never tried to use a group booking partner, here are 3 powerful reasons why you should!

1. Vast Network of Partner Hotels

Group hotel services work with an extensive network of hotels.  They know big brands, boutiques, and everything in between.  If your group has specific requirements for its stay, they’ll help you find the perfect place.

For example, if you plan student group travel, you know that interior corridors, free breakfasts, double occupancy rooms, and swimming pools are non-negotiable. You may also want free bus parking, easy access to attractions, or luggage storage.

A group booking partner will tap into its considerable list of partners to find the best fit for your students in your destination.

2. Buying Power

Using a group booking partner gives you buying power that you may not have on your own.  While you might book 10-15 group trips at hotels each year, these services literally book thousands of room nights.

That kind of buying allows them to leverage the very best prices and products on your behalf, ensuring quality and saving you money!

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3. Time Saver

The one thing we all need more of in travel and hospitality is TIME!  Hotel booking services save you time and precious resources by doing all the legwork for you.  Again, they know the destinations, brands, and decision-makers – there’s really no need to re-invent the wheel.

Many also offer flexible cancellation policies, easy-to-understand contracts, and one bill to reduce stress and simplify your group travel planning.

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Booking Resources at Your Fingertips

Group Travel Odyssey is also a great bet for planning group trips.

This cloud-based software and service offers online registration and payment, and group booking partners for hotels, flights, and Broadway shows.  Its signature feature is a continuously updated supplier database, as well a multitude of apps to manage your group planning.

Find out more about what GTO can do for your group travel planning business!

Give Your Business A Boost and Use a Group Booking Partner

When you plan group travel, saving time and money are the keys to growing your business.  Using a group booking partner gives you access to a huge network of partners, the best industry hotel rates, and saves you time and stress.  It also ensures that your travelers have the best experience possible.  It’s a powerful boost to your business!

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