5 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Travel Tribes: A Guide for Group Planners

Inspire Your Travel Tribes 

Your travel tribe is clutch.  Exploring the world with people who share your interests makes the group experience so much better.  So how do you get everyone in your group super excited for the adventure ahead?  Here are 5 easy ways to inspire your travel tribes!

1. Make A Connection

Right from the start, make a personal connection with your crew.  You may already know the people in your tribe.  That’s great!  You have a history, understand personalities, and have possibly traveled together in the past.  Use your relationships to build excitement for your journey.  Launch your travel campaign with a funny story or experience everyone remembers or can relate to.

If you have newbies on your trip or people joining your tribe from different places, make it a point to welcome them warmly and make them feel like family from the start.  Start a social media group chat so travelers can introduce themselves or share what they hope to get from the group travel experience.

Create a forum for communication early that makes your tribe feel comfortable and connected.

2. Host A Virtual Pre-Trip Tour Party

Once your peeps are signed up and ready to go, host a virtual pre-trip tour party.  Give them a taste of the attractions and activities they’ll experience on the tour. Encourage them to try some local flavors or beverages at home by sharing recipes for your viewing party.  A virtual tour is an awesome way to spark enthusiasm for your trip.

Here’s a great example of a virtual sneak peek…

3. Use A Photo Sharing Site

Everyone imagines themselves to be a professional photographer when they travel.  At the very least, we all love a good selfie!  Use a great photo-sharing platform like Amazon Photos or Yogile to exchange photos on the go.  Each member of the group can enjoy spectacular shots during the journey while getting to know each other better.

Once the trip is over, use the photos to create a movie of the trip.

How to Make A Travel Video with Music

4. Plan Activities that Everyone Enjoys

Since you’re traveling with your tribe, you already know you have some common interests.  Be sure your itinerary reflects those interests!

Include at least one or two group activities centered around your reason for travel.  For example, if you’re traveling with musicians, plan a performance at an amazing venue.  If you’re going on a foodie tour, book time in a local kitchen for cooking classes.  Maybe you’re taking a family trip – spend some time exploring family-friendly attractions as a group.

While you may not want to do everything with everyone, time together is a key part of group travel.  Make it count by organizing great group travel experiences!

5. Celebrate Your Final Night Together

Make your final night together one your travelers won’t forget!  Host a special celebration or plan an extraordinary excursion that bookends your group experience in style.


Let’s Do It Again!

Your job as a group travel leader is to inspire your travel tribes to want to adventure with you again and again.   Build anticipation for the journey ahead and unforgettable memories to cherish. Your tribe will be ready for whatever you throw at them next!

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Updated October 2023

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