5 Top Travel Trends for 2023

We’ve seen some pretty wild swings in travel during the past few years.  From no travel at all to staycations, bleisure, and even revenge travel, we’re getting back to what we love!  Check out these 5 top travel trends for 2023.

1. Off-Grid Travel

While our daily lives are marked by remote workplaces and constant contact, we’re ready to disconnect when we travel.

A recent survey showed that nearly 60% of travelers are looking to completely unplug and escape from reality.  Off-grid travel has grown in demand in the past few years – especially with millennials.

Off -grid travel means “eschewing electrical power, phone signal, gas and also shops, plus determinedly leaving their digital devices behind.”  It’s being self-sufficient, tuned into nature, and turned off from everything else.

5 top travel trends for 2023

Travelers might book a remote cabin, camp in a national park, or escape to an underpopulated island.

Whatever your adventure, being off-grid means being off-limits!

2. Nostalgic Travel

The desire to reconnect with simpler times is a huge trend for 2023. One survey showed that 90% of travelers surveyed are interested in nostalgic getaways.

So- what is nostalgic travel?  It’s a desire to disappear into the pre-digital era and relive memories of days gone by.

Examples might include a family trip to Walt Disney World, a cross-country road trip, or an iconic film landmark tour (think American Graffiti!), or even Palm Springs.

Nostalgia Travel at Disney

Group travel planners can really cash in on this kind of sentimental journey!

3. Small Town Travel

Small Town USA continues to reap the benefits of travelers shying away from crowds and chaos.  2023 will see the small-town travel trend snowball as we look for quaint spaces and quiet places.

Sleepy coastal towns, charming downtowns, and hidden historical gems are a balm to weary souls.  Maybe the sparkling river waters and pristine parks of Crystal River, Florida call to you.  Or the folksy, step-back-in-time streets of Eureka Springs, Arkansas are beckoning you to stop by and stay a while.

Winslow, Arizona along historic Route 66 is great to “take it easy” (couldn’t resist!) and enjoy a little bit of the Wild West.

Winslow Arizona

Wherever you wander, there’s a small town with just your vibe!

4. Health and Wellness Travel

Still another trend we’ll embrace in 2023 is health and wellness travel.  49% of US travelers are looking for ways to regroup and recenter body, mind, and spirit.

This kind of mindful travel may include meditation retreats, spas, yoga experiences, and transformative life ‘milestone’ trips.

Refresh Your Mind, Body, and Spirits in Santa Fe

5. Exploring the Metaverse

The Metaverse continues its techno push into the travel industry with lots of opportunities for forward-thinking planners.

The Metaverse

A recent Travel Pulse article highlighted the role of the  Metaverse in travel.

To understand more about how travel planners can stake their claims in this new virtual world – read on!

The Metaverse – Explore a New Digital World of Travel Possibilities

5 Top Travel Trends for 2023

As we bid 2022 farewell, we’re excited to see all that 2023 will bring.  Whether the idea of nostalgic travel calls to you or the Metaverse gets you going, let’s capitalize on the top travel trends and go exploring in 2023!

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