GTO Tour Director Portal is a Game Changer

You’ve been there.  Scrambling to find a tour director for that last-minute group – or to replace the one that dropped the trip at the last minute.  What about wading into the fray of finding a competent TD during the busy spring season?

GTO tour director portal

When you do finally lock down a commitment, it becomes a constant stream of papers, itineraries, payments, rooming lists, and more going back and forth.

There IS an easier way… the GTO tour director portal is a game changer for your group tour business!

What is the GTO Tour Director Portal

The GTO Tour Director Portal is a group travel planner’s dream.  It’s a simple and efficient way for tour directors to access important information before, during, and after the trip.  Itineraries, contracts, rooming lists, and more are always current and available in real-time.

How Does it Work?

Tour directors register in the GTO system.  They can then request GTO partner companies with whom they’d like to work.  You’ll receive an email to approve them as a tour director for your company.

Once approved, the tour director can set his or her availability, see a list of assigned trips, and accept or decline trips.

Easy as 1-2-3!

GTO Tour Director Portal

On the Road

Once your trip is ready to go, tour directors have easy access to everything they need to make it a success.  Itineraries, rooming lists, contact information, payment options, addresses, emergency info, and so much more are available on the GTO On the Road app.

Everything is literally a click away – no need for a flurry of last-minute emails or a stressful mad dash to the office for forgotten forms.

GTO Tour Director Portal

When the unexpected happens, your tour director has everything s/he needs to adjust and adapt with the touch of a button.

That’s peace of mind for travelers, tour directors, and YOU!

The GTO Tour Director Portal is Game Changing Tech

GTO brings game-changing tech to group travel.  The GTO cloud-based system is designed to make every step of your trip-planning journey seamless and efficient.

A tour director portal that’s integrated directly with your planning path?? It’s a simple idea that’s simply brilliant!

We’ve got you covered from A to TD.

Find out more about GTO and the GTO Tour Director Portal

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