Pro Tip: 4 Group Travel Planning Features You’ll LOVE

A recent survey showed that 62% of Generation Zers and 39% of Millenials prefer to travel in groups.  Translation – group travel planners are about to be very busy!

Group Travel Odyssey (GTO) is cloud-based software and service designed to make planning group trips easy and efficient.  It has impressive inclusions and integrations for your group planning needs.

But GTO also has 4 group travel planning features you’ll really love!

It’s all about simplifying and streamlining…

4 group travel planning features

4 Group Travel Planning Features You’ll Love

Hosted Supplier Data

The cornerstone of the GTO platform is its exclusive hosted supplier database.  GTO’s community of users can access a broad spectrum of more than 16,000 suppliers and their information, including

  • Products
  • Pricing (including tiered when appropriate)
  • Locations
  • Contacts

As you build a trip in the GTO system, supplier information, products, and pricing integrate seamlessly with the click of a button.

How Does Hosted Supplier Data Work?

GTO has a team of accuracy gurus on staff who maintain and update current supplier information in the Supplier Management app.



Impressive Integrations

GTO understands the business of planning group travel.  That’s why the system integrates with the best resources available to groups.

group hotel reservations made easy

Travel Advocates, BookMyGroup and Cenext

Travel Advocates, BookMyGroup, and Cenext are top-notch services that allow you to book outstanding group accommodations at the best possible rates.

GTO integrates with these platforms effortlessly so you can search for a wide range of domestic and international choices and request quotes right in the system.

It’s the simplest way to find and book your hotels!

Broadway NYC

Broadway Inbound

GTO also partners with Broadway Inbound, a leader in group discounts and student experiences for Broadway shows.

You can quickly and easily find the latest show availability and pricing as you build your trip in the GTO system.

Coming Attractions! 

Coming soon, you’ll be able to BOOK your Broadway tickets through the GTO platform as you build your itinerary.

It’s truly a show-stopping feature you will love!

Fly My Group

Fly My Group

GTO makes flying your groups a breeze with the newest Fly My Group integration.  Submit air travel requests directly through the system and Fly My Group will find a flight that works for you!

Trip Templates

One of the newest GTO features may be one of your favorite time-savers!  Create multiple trip templates for your most popular trips and replicate them as needed.

You can create templates by destination, the number of days, type of group, etc.  Then, simply plug your proposal into the template you want and you’re ready to go.  It’s quick, easy, and convenient!



GTO is also partnering with DMOs and CVBs to give you access to their group itineraries.  No need to reinvent the wheel or spend hours on research.  Everything is just a click away!

On-the-Road Tour Director App

Organization is essential when tour directors are on the road.  We stuff folders with tickets, reservation information, contacts, payments, itineraries, medical histories, and more and guard them like gold.

But what if your directors don’t have to haul all of this info around?  What if everything is conveniently uploaded in one nifty app?  Let’s even call it…. The on-the-road tour director app!

4 group travel planning features

Everything your tour directors need to make a group trip great will be right at their fingertips.  The beauty of a cloud-based system is that all the important trip details and documents are accessible from any internet-connected device.

Right now, you can access the on-the-road app to search for tour directors’ availabilities.  No more last-minute scrambling to find the right person for the job.  Pull up the schedule and see who’s handy.

You’ll breathe a little easier knowing your groups are in good hands.

Go Like a Pro

These are just 4 of the group travel planning features you’ll love as part of the GTO platform.  GTO lets you go like a pro with software and services developed with your unique needs in mind.

As those Gen Zers, Millennials, and Boomers get back to traveling with friends and family, simplify and streamline with a system that can tackle your toughest travel challenges!



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