Sustainable Finland – A Global Leader in Sustainable Travel

Finland is dubbed one of the happiest countries in the world.  It’s known for its stunning Northern Lights, clear, crisp vodka, and free healthcare.  It boasts a world-class education system, sweaty sauna culture, and some of the most spectacular vistas on planet Earth.  It is even the rumored home of St. Nicholas!  However, Finland is also making a name for itself as a global leader in sustainable travel.

The Goal

Finland is on track to be the world’s leading country in sustainable tourism by 2025 – and here’s how they’re doing it!

Sustainable Travel Finland

Finland has made significant strides in adopting sustainable practices through Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program.  STF is a unique initiative that works to provide companies and destinations with a ‘toolkit’ for sustainable travel.  These are concrete action steps for everyday operations that will help reduce our footprint in a destination.

Finland focuses on three primary areas: climate and nature, heritage, and buying locally.

  1. Climate and Nature – taking steps to protect the environment
  2. Heritage – emphasizing respect and representation of local culture
  3. Buying Local – encouraging local spending to support the economic health of the communities

Sustainable Steps to Reduce Our Footprint

Finland has embraced sustainability in these areas in many ways, both big and small.  Each step forward is a lesson that we can all champion.  For example:

Visitors are encouraged to travel by boat or train when possible.

Companies like Viking Line have taken impressive steps to reduce emissions, recycle, and transition to land-based power.

Everyone is encouraged to use the metro or rent an electric car.  

Helsinki’s metro has only two lines and is a super easy way to get around the city.  And… fun fact!  It’s the northernmost metro in the world.

finland is a global leader in sustainable travel

Electric cars are also a great option when you want to explore a little more of the area.  Fuel costs are minimal, they’re easy to drive, and have no CO2 emissions.  Charging stations are also readily available throughout the country.

Travelers can choose businesses that are labeled with the Sustainable Travel Finland green icon.

You’ll find the “sustainably certified” tag at more than 860 Finnish companies and destinations.  STF participants are constantly seeking new and better ways to mitigate the harmful environmental impacts of their operations.

Sustainable Finland

Finland created a national carbon footprint calculator for its travel and tourism industry.

Recently, Finland created a national carbon footprint calculator for travel companies registered there.  It helps companies monitor their own carbon footprint and understand what actions are the most energy-consuming. They can then take the steps necessary to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

Visitors have lots of options for sustainable plays and stays.

Many Finnish attractions have adopted sustainable practices in their daily operations.  Their goal is to provide an incredible experience while encouraging guests to think and act responsibly.

Finland - Suomenlinna


Moominworld, the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, and Hawkhill are great examples of successful sustainable initiatives at work.  Click below to find out more about these progressive places.


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