Ultimate Guide to the 6 Safest Spots to Explore in 2024

Travelers are torn right now.  They’re itching to explore but hesitant to book while there’s unrest in the world. If you’re ready to get your groups out the door, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the ultimate guide to the 6 safest spots to explore in 2024.

How Do We Know Which Destinations Are “Safe?”

When it comes to determining how safe a destination is, there are several factors to consider.

First, check the latest U.S. State Department list of travel advisories. Here you’ll find the most current information and travel levels for the destinations you plan to visit.

6 safest spots to explore in 2024 travel advisory levels

Next, check the Berkshire Hathaway State of Travel Insurance Research.  This report shows where in the world people can move freely, stay healthy, and be protected in the event of dangerous activity.

Finally, if it’s possible, connect with a local.  No one knows what’s really happening in a place like someone who lives there!  We all know that the news can sometimes exaggerate a story (cough cough.) Speaking firsthand with someone who is there is a great way to assess the situation.

Our Picks for the 6 Safest Spots to Explore in 2024

1. Canada

Guess who is No. 1 on the Berkshire Hathaway 2024 list of safest places to travel? Our friendly neighbor to the north… Canada!

6 safest spots to explore in 2024 canada

Canada moved up five spots this year on the list and is designated a Level 1 U.S. State Department destination.

It’s cool weather and low population density contributed to its rank. In addition, Canada holds the number one spot for safe transportation, lack of violent crime, health measures, and those in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

2. Ireland

Ireland is an ideal spot for groups.  Its breathtaking vistas, ancient ruins, charming towns, and vibrant culture welcome you with open arms.

For those prioritizing safety, Ireland is a Level 1 destination and number 4 on the Berkshire Hathaway list. In 2023, the country had 39 homicides – less than many major U.S. cities.

group travel to Ireland

3. Iceland

Imagine a place where the crime rate is so low that policemen don’t carry guns.  That’s what you’ll find in Iceland, along with pristine landscapes and a strong sense of community.

Iceland’s warm and friendly people embrace all visitors as their own, making it one of the best destinations for LGBTQ+, female, and solo travelers.

solo female traveler in Iceland

For those looking for outdoor adventure, even the wildlife is welcoming! Icelandic horses, sheep, seagulls, and seals are part of the hiking and camping experience, but not one that will threaten to harm you.

Iceland also boasts the title of one of the happiest countries in the world!

Pro Note: A volcanic fissure eruption began on January 14, 2024, in southwest Iceland. However, activity is no longer visible, and Icelandic authorities have deemed that travel is safe. Flights and airport transfers have not been disrupted, and all tours have continued as planned.

4. Portugal

Along with abundant sunshine, beautiful beaches, and stunning views of the Atlantic, Portugal can proudly claim its status as the 7th safest country in the world in 2023.

6 safest spots to explore in 2024 Portugal

Much of the country is not heavily populated, which contributes to the low crime rate. But even the urban areas tend to be orderly and safe. Here you’ll find a stable political climate along with some of the friendliest people on the planet!

5. New Zealand

New Zealand ranks in the top 5 of the Global Peace Index and is no. 11 on the Berkshire Hathaway list. It’s a majestic place with jaw-dropping waterfalls, picturesque beaches, and some of the most inspiring sunrises on the planet.

New Zealand Sunrise


This truly unforgettable island country has a stable government, a low crime rate, a strong economy, and a culture of openness and honesty. The people here will go out of their way to make your group visit feel more like a homecoming!

6. Tokyo

Japan rounds out our list of favorite places to which you can feel comfortable planning group trips. It consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world and holds a Level 1 designation from the U.S. State Department.


Tokyo’s low crime rate is the result of a collective societal adherence to law and order, bolstered by a robust legal system and law-abiding, respectful citizens who value community welfare.

You can feel safe wandering Tokyo’s eclectic, neon-lit streets or ruggedly beautiful island landscapes.

Get Your Groups Ready

While these six are our picks for the safest spots to plan your group travel, there are so many more amazing destinations to explore!

Do your homework, check for current information, and be sure you have a plan for whatever may pop up. Prioritize your travelers’ well-being by choosing destinations vetted for safety, but always expect the unexpected!

Pro Tip: Get your groups REAL ID ready for international travel in 2025.

6 safest spots to explore in 2024 group travel

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