Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go

Let’s be real.  Teens and tech are pretty much synonymous.  And when it comes to travel, you can bet they’ll be more interested in their phones than the local flora and fauna. So what can you do?  Easy! Embrace technology and make their adventures even more epic!  Here are our ultimate tech tips for teens on the go.

1. Download Apps

We live in a world dominated by apps and easy access. We use apps to find our way around, order food, shop, entertain ourselves, organize schedules, etc. They make our lives easier and so much more convenient. Travel is no exception.

There are some amazing apps that can make traveling with teens simple and fun.

Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go


If you’re traveling with teens as part of a group (think school, scouts, or youth groups), there are a few fantastic options for quick and easy communication.

Remind lets you communicate faster with real-time messaging for the group. You can schedule reminders or provide updates to the itinerary as needed.

Groupme is an app that works on every device and functions like a private chat room for your group. It’s free group messaging for quick updates and alerts – perfect for traveling student groups.

WhatsApp allows private calling, texting, video calling, etc. Message friends on the trip or check in with Mom from anywhere in the world. WhatsApp uses the internet to keep travelers connected to avoid SMS fees.

Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go

One of our favorite apps for teen group trips is TravL. TravL is a one stop shop designed to keep your trip on track.

Teen travel planners can update itineraries in real time, manage chaperones and rosters, send group messages, and share favorite trip photos.

It also helps teens stay connected with the important people at home using “parent mode.”  This function allows parents to see schedules, enjoy photos, and get messages during the trip.  Peace of mind has never been so easy to achieve!

On the Go

Make the most of free, user-friendly apps as travel unfolds as well.  For example, download the MyTSA app to prepare for air travel.

It gives travelers up-to-date airport info (including how busy your airport might be!) along with tips for what to pack and how to prepare for screening.  It’s great for first-time flyers or seasoned travel pros!

Google Translate is a super handy way to deal with the language barriers that may come with international travel. It lets you translate up to 103 languages (most without an internet connection.)

There’s also two-way, instant communication for 32 languages if you DO have an internet connection!

Looking for the nearest Starbucks? The AroundMe App allows users to find just what their searching for right where they are. The app identifies a person’s location and then provides options nearby.

teen tech mobile pay

Making Payments

Grandparents love to shower teens with “a little bit of spending money for the trip.”  But flashing a wad of cash isn’t necessarily a great idea while they’re traveling.

Set up mobile payment apps like Apple Pay or Venmo for easy access to their souvenir funds.

2. Embrace the Latest

QR Codes

Many attractions and restaurants have added an easy way to enhance your experience simply by scanning QR codes.  These “Quick Response” codes (did you know that’s what it stood for?) gives access to detailed information using a smartphone’s camera.

Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go QR

QR codes store tons of data. We can now digitalize visas, important health documents, and other travel-related requirements. We can also dig deeper into historic locations, find out more about a famous artist, or even make the most of public transportation.

From airline boarding passes to destination highlights, QR codes reveal a wealth of information!


Augmented Reality (AR) brings a new era of endless possibilities and activities.  It’s a completely immersive experience using just a smart device that takes you from visitor to active participant.

AR layers virtual elements on top of real images for a thrilling mixed reality.  This past summer, my son spent his 19th birthday exploring the Greek island of Delos.  Using a smart tablet, he was able to view the actual ancient ruins AND what they looked like in 590 BC.

ultimate tech tips for teens on the go AR

AR gives us an expanded view of places, cultures, histories, and even foods. Making the most of the AR available in a destination gives teens a complete and incredibly satisfying travel experience.

3. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Here’s a tip every teen needs to know… using public Wi-Fi makes them vulnerable to hackers waiting to swipe their data and personal information.

My daughter recently traveled with her school to Florida and promptly paid for Wi-Fi on the flight.  Hackers just as promptly gained access to her credit card and racked up significant charges before we realized what had happened.

Keep private information private and set up a virtual private network (VPN) that allows safe and secure access to the internet.

4. Don’t Be a Victim of Juice Jacking

Juice jacking happens when a user plugs into USB ports or use USB cables loaded with malware. The malware then infects the phone (or another mobile device), giving hackers access to data, passwords, accounts, etc. It can also lock up the device so that a user can’t access it all.

juice jacking

When you plug into USB charging kiosks at the airport or other public places, power is not the only thing that can be transferred. Your data can also be transferred through those same sources. It only takes a minute.

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5. Set Aside Tech Free Time

While tech is an important part of every teen’s, well, existence, there are times when it’s appropriate to put it away.

Consider collecting phones when visiting memorials or especially solemn locations.  Turn them off when group leaders are giving important instructions.

tour director

Pocket them during an interactive guided tour.  There’s not much that’s more frustrating than looking at a group of downturned heads… teachers can certainly appreciate that view!  There will be plenty of time for pics once the guide has finished speaking.

Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go

Teens and tech go hand in hand – especially when they’re on the go!  Make the most of what tech can bring to your trip while keeping kids safe.  Happy travels!

Ultimate Tech Tips for Teens on the Go

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