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October 2, 2023

It’s National Name Your Car Day

Do you remember your first car?  It probably gave you your first sweet taste of teenage freedom.  And what about your favorite car – you know, the one with the sunroof?  How about the clunker with the duct-taped bumper you drove back and forth to college?  Maybe you just upgraded the family Truckster to a new sporty model perfect for an empty nest!

Regardless of the reasons, most of us have fond memories attached to our vehicles.  And on National Name Your Car Day, we honor our beloved roadsters by proudly christening them with their own quirky personalities.

Whether it’s the Beige Bomb, Ms. Chumpy, or your own creative creation, give your car a little love AND a name today!

GTO Updates

GTO Coach & Go

This week, Kristina gives a play-by-play on using the Fly My Group integration.  You’ll love how simple and efficient planning air travel for groups can be!

Watch live on October 3rd at 2:00 EST on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Refresh your system skills any time by reviewing the online library of GTO Coach & Go tutorials on our GTO YouTube channel.

Fast Break

Time Out!! Fast Break is a brief, bi-weekly segment highlighting a system update or feature.

Check for Fast Breaks on the GTO community forum.

Destination Dispatch

National Lighthouse Day

Need an idea for a great group destination?  We highlight more than 30 of your favorite places and share great group itinerary ideas from each.

Check out the conversations on the GTO YouTube channel.

Must Read!

10 Best Conferences for Group Travel Planners to Attend in 2023-24

Industry News

Government Shutdown Averted With Last-Minute Agreement

Disney Cruise Line Renames Global Dream the Disney Adventure

United Airlines’ Pilots Ratify New Labor Contract Worth Billions

Help Desk Requests

We have an easy way for you to submit a Help Desk request!  Just send an email to and BE SURE TO PUT THE WORD HELP IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  This will automatically create a ticket and will email you updates as your ticket is being worked on.

Office Hours

GTO office hours have resumed to help answer your questions and share best practices for using the GTO system. If you haven’t already, connect with Kara ( to schedule a time that works for you.

Office Hours

Supplier Updates

There’s a new way to get the latest supplier updates.  GTO community members can simply click the link below for the most current products and pricing.

Most Recent Supplier Updates

Broadway Updates

Closing Soon

Some Like It Hot will play a final performance on December 30th. A national tour will launch in September 2024 and a West End production will follow in 2025.

New Group Products

Days of Wine and Roses is now on sale for groups through April 28th with performances starting on January 6th. This is a 16-week limited run.

The Outsiders is now on sale for groups through December 22, 2024. Previews begin March 16, 2024.

After sitting in on an industry reading of the show last week and seeing the incredible response after the first couple of days of groups being on sale, we can confidently say that this show is a guaranteed hit for student groups.

Student rates start at $49 for groups of 10 or more. Get your requests in before the show sells out!

Water For Elephants is now on sale for groups through Sunday, September 8, 2024.

Group Rate Extensions

Titanique is now on sale for groups through Sunday, June 16, 2024.

Chicago is now on sale for groups through September 1, 2024.

Aladdin and The Lion King are now on sale through June 16, 2024.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical has extended group rates through Sunday, September 1, 2024.

Community Forum

Don’t forget to check the Community Forum for system updates, advice, and more!  Check the My Apps tab in GTO.

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