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October 26, 2021

Today is Austrian National Day – October 26, 2021

Austrian National Day is celebrated on October 26. It has been 56 years since this day was declared an official holiday. Did you know, on this day, Austria adopted the Federal Constitutional Law on the Neutrality of Austria? This is the day on which Austria stated its neutrality and decided that it will not be involved in any military alliances and won’t allow any military bases to be established in its territory. Read more about Austrian National Day here!

Upcoming Events

Convos with Colleagues returns today, October 26, at 2 p.m.!  PLEASE JOIN US!

Jo-Ann Moltz hosts a casual discussion with Stacey Warren, President of Hampton Inns of New England.  Tune in for some great conversation and learn how Hampton Inns can be there for your groups.  Today at 2 p.m. on via LinkedIn or YouTube.  


GTO Coach and GO!

Coach and Go! brings you another episode this Thursday, October 28, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Please join as we welcome Allison French from Broadway Inbound to share the latest on bringing your groups to see a spectacular Broadway or Off-Broadway show.  We will also hear from our Commerce Council, Kristina Leuth on our new Trip Creation API with WeTravel.

If you missed last week’s episode about updates to Trip Manager, remember to check it out on our YouTube page along with all the past episodes filled with great information.

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Check out the Business Class podcast from The Tourism Academy sponsored by GTO

The Business Class podcast is where you go to meet people who have built fulfilling careers. People with successful businesses. People who create sustainable local economies in tourism!

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GTO System Updates

Updates to Trip Manager to take effect November 1, 2021

We just finished a few updates to Trip Manager that are designed to make the user experience even better and more efficient.  This was discussed in last week’s GTO Coach and GO! which can be found here!

These updates will be rolled out on Monday, November 1, 2021.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Supplier Updates

This week’s Supplier of the Week is Broadway Inbound.

Broadway Inbound offers Broadway’s best shows and workshops from basic to professional level, taught by some of Broadway’s finest!  You can now pull up a calendar of shows and pricing when adding a Broadway show from Broadway Inbound in the GTO system.



Titanic Branson has released their 2022 rates.



Outdoor Gravity Park 2021 rates will stay the same for 2022.

Our team is currently at Bienvenue gathering more supplier information from Canadian suppliers after entering over 100 new Canadian suppliers in this past week.  Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.

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