5 Time Management Tips for Busy Group Travel Planners

Travel planners and advisors around the globe know that time is ALWAYS a precious commodity.  Everyone wants a piece of you – regardless of the time of day!  That’s why we’re sharing our best time management tips for busy group travel planners like you.

1. Master the 90/90/1 Rule

The 90/90/1 rule is a tried-and-true time management tip.  During the next 90 days, focus your first 90 minutes on something that helps you achieve your goal.


If your goal is to meet a quarterly (90-day) goal for contracted trips, break that goal down into weekly objectives with tasks.  Identify the number of phone calls you need to make or the number of emails you need to send.  Schedule X number of meetings or send out Y number of proposals.

Then, set aside the first 90 minutes of each day (when we are all most productive) to complete these tasks.  Maybe you can make 10 phone calls in 90 minutes, meet with two potential clients, or send 15 emails.

However you choose to spend those 90 minutes will directly impact your goal and keep you on track!

2. Be a Task Batcher

Task batching is a commonsense strategy that can really save you time and energy.  Simply put, group tasks that are similar and complete them all at once.

Think of it this way… it doesn’t make sense to start cooking dinner, then stop to make a Target run, and then leave to throw in a load of laundry.

time management

Instead, block off time to complete similar activities.  Set aside a chunk of your morning to answer emails or spend an afternoon creating trip proposals.  Designate a day to focus on your marketing.

Once you start down a path, your brain is more productive if it doesn’t have to constantly switch gears.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when you’re planning travel.  There’s always new information to take in – new destination info, new pricing, new safety regulations, etc.

And then there’s the constant demand for your attention.  Every molehill in the planning process is a mountain to someone.

Remember to stay focused on your goals and don’t get caught up in the daily chaos. Prioritize and don’t sweat the small stuff!

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4. Try a Remote Answering Service

When you do need to deal with the mountains, but they are numbers 17 and 18 on your to-do list, it might be time to consider a remote answering service.

Answering services allow your clients to speak or live chat with a real person and get answers in real-time.  You can opt for part or full-time, improving your customer satisfaction and (most importantly) boosting your productivity.

‘Talk’ about a great time management tip 😉

5. Embrace New Tech

If you’re just beginning your group travel planning venture or are a seasoned pro, there’s no time like the present to embrace new technologies designed to make your job easier.

trip planning tech

Current technology allows group tour planners to maximize efficiency through cloud-based software and service.

Cloud-based technology allows you to structure your business in a way that benefits you, your customers, and your bottom line

  • increased productivity
  • online payments and registration
  • fast and efficient
  • easy access to documents and itineraries
  • safe
  • budget-friendly

Moving to a cloud-based planning platform is one of the simplest ways to make your group travel business more effective.

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Time Management Tips for Busy Group Travel Planners

One of the hardest parts of your job is that the day isn’t long enough.  These 5 time management tips for busy group travel planners just may help you capture a few extra hours!

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