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We live in a digital world populated with chatbots, robocallers, and Alexas.  And it’s a wonderful thing!  Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways- but it can’t replace genuine human interactions.

As a rule, our herd mentality drives us to connect with others to form a community of support and safety.

This is especially true for travel.  While software and apps make planning group travel a snap, planners know it takes a personal touch to provide the best possible travel experience.  They also know that an industry community of support is essential.


Join the GTO Community of Support for Travel Planners

Group Travel Odyssey is cloud-based software and service designed to make planning group trips simple and efficient.  Its signature feature is hosted supplier data that users can access.

GTO’s other signature feature is its human connection!   Everything GTO does is hands-on and developed for the greater good of the group travel community.

That’s right – a technology company with a very real emphasis on personal connections!

How Does GTO Build a Community of Support for Travel Planners?

Since its inception, GTO has made a very deliberate effort to think like a community of users.  GTO products and services respond to user needs:

  • What do group travel planners need to be efficient and effective?
  • How can GTO address industry trends?
  • How can GTO leverage partnerships that support group travel planners?
  • What resources are available?

These are the building blocks for the GTO community and the inspiration for resources that are available to its members.

Exclusive Hosted Supplier Data

GTO HOSTS and MAINTAINS supplier data.  Accuracy Gurus work closely with the GTO community, suppliers, and trade associations to keep supplier information reliable and up to date.

Hosted supplier data

Group travel planners understand that there is nothing more valuable than time spent growing their businesses.  And less time spent on operations means more time nurturing new opportunities for success.

Each member of the GTO community can access this hosted data, streamlining operations and saving time.

Why Hosted Supplier Data is THE Smartest Move for Your Business

Coach and Go

When it’s time for a new phone, I spend countless hours trying to figure out how to use the new features that are supposed to make my life easier.  Then I finally wise up and go to my teenagers, who get me up to speed in a snap.

GTO Coach and Go sessions are the informal coaching equivalents of my teenage tutorials.  On alternating Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. EST, Coach and Go streams live on YouTube or LinkedIn.

The GTO team answers questions about new features, rolls out new and helpful planning tools, and shares ideas with the GTO community.  Learn about reporting, maintaining clean data, managing passengers, and other topics relevant to planning group travel.

The best part?  It’s an open-door policy, so tour planners can come and go as needed!

Convos with Colleagues

Destination Dispatch

Destination Dispatch is a new way to have great conversations about places.  It’s a deep dive into everything group.  We feature some of your favorite spaces or take you to new places to find out what’s fresh, fun, and group-friendly.

DD streams live on YouTube or LinkedIn Thursdays at 2:00 pm EST.

Stay on top of the latest information and industry trends – another way the GTO community takes care of its own!

Destinations Beyond Expectations (DBE)

The DBE podcast is a great way to learn about exciting locations or uncommon attractions.  DBE brings a fresh perspective to trip planning and helpful information for the GTO community.


Broadway Inbound Partnership

One of the coolest community member features is GTO’s premier partnership with Broadway Inbound.  Access show availability in real-time and know exactly what’s on sale for the dates of your trip.

Broadway NYC

Building a Broadway trip itinerary in the GTO system just got a LOT easier.  That’s the power of a community of travel planners!

Community Forum

The Community Forum is a place for you and other GTO community members to share ideas, resources, and best practices.

Discover what’s new in a destination, share the latest trade show info, give a shout-out to a colleague, or simply find out where the best place to get a drink is!

The Community Forum is designed for industry colleagues to come together for the greater good of the travel community.  Be sure to check in daily for important alerts and announcements.

A Community of Support

The GTO Team IS a community of support! We are the friendly faces and helpful experts who are in touch with the user community and suppliers daily.

Find Out Who We Are

When travel planners and advisors have questions about GTO services, products, or the latest software features, our team members are ready to help.

Imagine… real people with real answers!  Siri’s got nothin’ on these guys.



A True Community of Support for Travel Planners

We embrace technology in its many forms – like my GPS guy who keeps me on the right road (most of the time.  Until I ignore him and end up lost. I digress.)

But we also understand that human connections are essential.  We rely on each other for support, understanding, and well-being.

upgrade your trip planning tech

GTO is a true community of support for group travel planners.  It’s a forum for discussion, a way to leverage partnerships, and a planning resource that all members can access.

Group Travel Odyssey is a smart choice for an industry that thrives on a personal touch!


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