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August 14, 2023

It’s National Creamsicle Day

It’s not really summer if you haven’t had a Creamsicle yet!  The drippy, dreamy tang of orange and frozen sweet cream is literally made for hot summer days.  Any kid will tell you that there is nothing better after a day of playing hard in the sweltering sun.

National Creamsicle Day pays homage to this delicious dessert on a stick and reminds us to embrace our inner children and get our Creamsicles before summer days fade to fall!

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Fast Break

Time Out!! Fast Break is a brief, bi-weekly segment highlighting a system update or feature.

This week we’ll check in on two new GTO fields – a “bag included” checkbox and a place to keep track of your airline or rail carrier information.

Check for Fast Breaks on the GTO community forum.

GTO Coach & Go

Refresh your system skills any time by reviewing the online library of GTO Coach & Go tutorials on our GTO YouTube channel.

Destination Dispatch

Finland - Suomenlinna

Need an idea for a great group destination?  We highlight more than 30 of your favorite places and share great group itinerary ideas from each.

Check out the conversations on the GTO YouTube channel.

Must Read!

Make your Group Trips Memorable with Thoughtful Touches

Industry News

Norwegian Viva Embarks on Maiden Cruise

Maui Fires: How the HTA Says Travelers and Advisors Can Help

GTO Updates

Trade Show Appointment Feature

As industry trade shows and conferences ramp up, ditch your binders and use your GTO trade show appointment feature!  It’s a simple way to keep all of your appointments and notes in one convenient place.  The trade show feature also allows you to share with your team for easy access to important information.

Find out more as GTO’s Jim Deliman and Stacy Barry from Sharin’ the South Tours demonstrate how to use this thoughtfully designed alternative to the hefty binder of one-pagers and business cards.


Help Desk Requests

We have an easy way for you to submit a Help Desk request!  Just send an email to and BE SURE TO PUT THE WORD HELP IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  This will automatically create a ticket and will email you updates as your ticket is being worked on.

Office Hours

GTO office hours have resumed to help answer your questions and share best practices for using the GTO system. If you haven’t already, connect with Kara ( to schedule a time that works for you.

Office Hours

Supplier Updates

There’s a new way to get the latest supplier updates.  GTO community members can simply click the link below for the most current products and pricing.

Most Recent Supplier Updates

Community Forum

Don’t forget to check the Community Forum for system updates, advice, and more!  Check the My Apps tab in GTO.

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