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February 5, 2024

National Weatherperson’s Day

What would we do without our local forecaster?! We rely on them to help dress the kids for the bus stop, plan a lunch outing, or know if the ballgame will be rained out.

National Weatherperson’s Day is celebrated on February 5th in honor of John Jeffries’ birthday.  Jeffries was the first person to make and record daily weather observations in Boston in 1744.

Today we recognize the work of highly-trained meteorologists and their impact on our lives – from prepping for work to prepping for a weather emergency!

GT Radio

GTO introduces GT Radio – a podcast designed specifically for group travel planners!  Here you’ll find amazing destination ideas, helpful travel tips, the latest hospitality news, and conversations with industry experts.

Download GT Radio wherever you get your podcasts and follow today!

GTO Coach & Go

This week’s Coach & Go is a tutorial in grid cost sheets – find out how to make them work for your tour business.

Refresh your system skills any time by reviewing the online library of GTO Coach & Go tutorials on our GTO YouTube channel.

Fast Break

Time Out!! Fast Break is a brief, bi-weekly segment highlighting a system update or feature.

Check for Fast Breaks on the GTO community forum.

Must Read!

Ultimate Guide to the 6 Safest Spots to Explore in 2024

Industry News

Universal Provides Epic Detail, Stoking Excitement For its New Park

Boeing CEO Says There Are Serious Challenges Ahead

New TSA Facial Recognition Systems at Airports Raise Privacy Concerns

Supplier Updates

GTO community members can simply click the link below for the most current supplier products and pricing.

Most Recent Supplier Updates

Broadway Updates

Summer 2024 group tickets for Disney’s The Lion King and Aladdin are now on sale through August 11th. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Bundle a show with a Disney on Broadway Workshop for a $2/participant discount.

Help Desk Requests

We have an easy way for you to submit a Help Desk request!  Just send an email to and BE SURE TO PUT THE WORD HELP IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  This will automatically create a ticket and will email you updates as your ticket is being worked on.

Office Hours

GTO office hours have resumed to help answer your questions and share best practices for using the GTO system. If you haven’t already, connect with Kara ( to schedule a time that works for you.

Office Hours

Community Forum

Don’t forget to check the Community Forum for system updates, advice, and more!  Check the My Apps tab in GTO.

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